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Energy Efficiency

World Energy Services begins with an assessment of your energy usage to identify key energy engineering solutions with the goal of decreasing overall load.  Typical energy efficiency measures include upgrading or adding controls to lighting, reviewing heating, ventilation, cooling, building envelope and process equipment.  The first step towards a carbon neutral environment is to reduce your facilities’ energy consumption through energy efficiency upgrades.  Our Energy Specialist team will provide you with a custom-tailored proposal outlining applicable energy solutions and the associated projected load reduction, based on an upgrade to your current operating conditions and existing technologies.

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Solar power is a 100% clean, renewable energy source.  Solar energy solutions leverage the free available energy from the sun to decrease your building’s energy expense.  Once we have reduced your building’s energy consumption through increased energy efficiency, the next step toward maximum energy reduction and a carbon neutral future is the installation of a solar energy solution.  Bundle the financial state incentives available for energy efficiency with those available for a roof-mount, carport, or ground mount solar system for the greatest benefit.  Decrease your energy spend by capitalizing on free, clean energy from the sun.



The future of transportation is here.  EV charging in the United States continues to experience a developing infrastructure and explosive growth.  Being vendor agnostic, World Energy Services will provide you with a solution that perfectly meets your plans and objectives.  With available federal tax credits in addition to utility and business incentives for installing EV charging stations, EV charging installations at your facility has never been easier and more cost-effective.  Whether your goal is to attract customers to your business, workplace or property or to add an additional revenue stream, the time to install EV at your location is today.


Clean Air Solutions

The future of clean indoor air is here. World Energy offers state-of-the-art Smart Clean Air Quality Solutions for indoor spaces, large and small. World Energy is focused on helping both businesses and municipalities create safe air quality environments by monitoring and analyzing indoor air quality in schools, police stations, fire departments, town halls, courthouses, etc. Our Smart Clean Air Quality Solutions offer data-driven success in air purification that meets CDC recommendations and ASHRAE 62.1 commercial ventilation requirements.  Armed with critical data and smart solutions, World Energy will work with each customer to develop a custom air purification solution to create a safe environment for students, teachers, employees, visitors, and anyone entering a space.


Click on the map to see what state and utility incentive programs are available in your area. 

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World Energy Services is an industry leader in the delivery of turnkey energy efficiency, renewable technology, electric vehicle charging station and other cutting edge energy solutions.  Our organization is focused on improving our client’s overall energy efficiency, translating in direct savings to the bottom line.

Making efficiency upgrades and adding sophisticated controls to your lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and process equipment will lead to a reduction of your energy demands, cut your monthly utility costs by 30% - 60%, and decrease your company’s carbon footprint.

Through the leveraging of our comprehensive solutions in combination with utility incentive programs, project management and financing, we eliminate barriers which often deter energy efficiency, complete solar solutions and electric vehicle charging station projects from moving forward.  

Join the thousands of other companies we have assisted who are presently enjoying upgraded equipment, leading edge technologies and the associated financial benefits proceeding from improving their organization’s energy efficiency.  The time to begin saving energy is now.  For your organization, the planet and for generations to come.  


“We recently partnered with World Energy to complete a turn-key LED lighting retrofit project and working with the team at World Energy was an absolute pleasure.  Our Energy Specialist’s knowledge of the industry was crucial in ensuring we received the maximum incentive allowances from our utility provider and the Project Manager’s oversight was instrumental in completing the retrofit project on schedule.”

Daniel Ferdenzi, Senior Real Estate Manager
CBRE, Inc., Property Management



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