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Being energy efficient simply means using less energy to accomplish the same or improved results while simultaneously reducing energy expenditure.  An energy efficiency company is a provider of energy services which utilizes the latest energy efficient technology to assist companies in accomplishing this goal.  The benefits of becoming more energy efficient are the reduction of energy bills, elimination of inefficiencies and energy waste while at the same time reducing pollution and carbon emissions.

How does an energy conservation and energy solutions provider accomplish this?  Through energy engineering solutions and utility incentives.  An energy services company works with businesses to provide replacement of existing equipment with higher, more energy efficient options.  Increasing the energy efficiency of a building or space should be considered an investment in the business’s future whereby the business accumulates savings over time.  When the lifetime of an energy efficiency upgrade is considered, businesses are often surprised at the amount of savings provided and the positive impact on their ROI.  It is the goal of an energy efficiency company to save money on a client’s energy costs through the utilization of new technology and more efficient equipment upgrades.  This not only provides an update to the to the esthetics of the space, but it also minimizes maintenance expenditures while saving a typical business 40%-60% of their energy use.

Electricity and natural gas are the dominant energy sources in commercial buildings and account for 93% of the total energy consumed in commercial spaces according to the US Energy Information Administration.  Many are surprised to learn that the major areas of energy consumption are heating, ventilation and air conditioning which uses more than triple the energy when compared to that used for lighting followed by refrigeration.   

An energy services company works with the local electric supplier in the region to perform energy solutions through an onsite assessment of a building’s current energy usage, whereby they propose energy efficient equipment to reduce cost.  In addition to the savings enjoyed through equipment upgrades, the company also partners with the local utility to maximize the benefit to that company of any utility incentive programs which subsidize and offset a portion or most of the cost of the project, depending on the region.  The energy services vendor uses both their technical expertise and knowledge of industry programs to perform site assessments, suggest areas of potential savings and to process all utility incentive applications on behalf of the business.  A turnkey supplier will also manage the equipment purchase and installation of the new equipment, mitigating any necessary additional work by the business owner.

World Energy Services is a turnkey energy efficiency company and a leading provider of energy services in the northeast, installing over 30 different efficiency measures within the below areas:

  • Massachusetts energy company

  • Connecticut energy company

  • Rhode Island energy company

  • New Hampshire energy company

In addition to reducing the expenditure for energy and positively impacting a company’s bottom line, energy efficiency also assists companies with the reduction of their carbon footprint.  In the future, energy conservation will only gain in importance as electricity rates and gas rates increase, and businesses look for ways to become “greener”.  Energy conservation and carbon emissions are only gaining in importance.

With so many lucrative incentives available to property owners for operating efficiently, we encourage business owners to reach out to World Energy Services to discover what they can do to improve your energy systems today.

What is Energy Efficiency


Click on the map to see what state and utility incentive programs are available in your area. 

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What to Expect




World Energy Services has an outstanding team of highly experienced and knowledgeable Energy Specialists responsible for providing no cost energy efficiency assessments for commercial electric and gas customers on behalf of utility companies within our service territory.  


Upon requesting an energy assessment, a representative from World Energy Services will schedule a time to conduct a site walkthrough. Walkthroughs typically take between 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the size of your location. Prior to the walkthrough, you will be asked to provide a recent copy of your electric bill to evaluate your annual energy consumption and electric demand, so that the appropriate utility energy efficiency program may be properly identified.  


During a walkthrough, a WES Energy Specialist and representative of your company, typically a facilities manager, will perform a detailed examination your equipment to determine what energy solution opportunities for energy efficiency improvements can be made. 


Once the site assessment is complete and the energy efficiency measures applicable for your facility have been identified, our energy specialists will prepare energy savings calculations and depending upon the requirements of your specific utility either send that information to the local electric and gas utility company (i.e., Eversource, National Grid, etc.) for consideration of energy incentives or the appropriate paperwork will be generated.  


Our Energy Specialist will reach out to you as soon as the incentives are approved by the utility company to schedule a time to present the proposal and to answer any questions you may have. They will review the financial economics of the project which contain the estimated energy savings, estimated incentives, return on investment, payback, scope of the project as well as all costs involved. The Energy Specialist will also discuss available financing options with you depending on the utility program availability.  The majority of utilities in the northeast offer on bill financing directly on your electric bill, and in most cases are financed at 0%. At this point, you as the customer have the opportunity to decide to move forward with the entire project scope as laid out or chose which measures make the most sense for your facility and how you would like to proceed with World Energy and your energy efficiency project.  


Once the scope is finalized and the paperwork signed and submitted, your project will progress to the project management team and a project manager will be assigned to you.  The project manager will schedule a project walk through with your site contact to review the scope of the installation. Material will be ordered and upon availability, the installation will be scheduled.


Once installation is complete, the project manager will perform a final walk-through of the project to ensure the project was completed to your expectations and satisfaction. 


Once all close out documentation has been gathered, our team will submit final paperwork to the utility on your behalf which then, depending upon the utility may generate a final utility inspection.  It is at this time the warranty period begins and your energy efficiency project is complete.

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