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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Services

Electric vehicles are the future. Across the US we are seeing the amount of electric vehicles (EV’s) continue to grow in our communities and every year there are a greater number all around us. Each year we see automakers add more electric vehicles to their lineups, and some have even announced moving to hybrid or all electric vehicle manufacturing by 2030. Current statistics tell us that someone plugs into an EV charging station every two seconds. Our planet simply cannot sustain the emissions produced from our existing forms of transportation and the
marketplace is changing to meet mobility demands while also ensuring cleaner transportation and thereby less negative impact on the planet. It is projected that by 2040, more than half of the vehicles on the road will be electric.


World Energy Services, in cooperation with utility companies such as Eversource and National Grid install EV Charging Stations at a reduced price point and the infrastructure necessary to support them. This allows businesses and municipalities to provide electric vehicle owners the ability to power their vehicles when visiting their locations. We provide full service EV charger installations including the assessment of a location’s electrical infrastructure, a site layout of the electric vehicle charging area plan and a turnkey installation of the equipment. In addition, World Energy Services acts as a liaison with the utility ensuring the stations are fully powered and processes all necessary paperwork for both the utility and state programs on behalf of our clients.

The benefits of installing electric vehicle charging stations at a site are numerous:

  • As an early adopter of the technology, your location enjoys the highest incentive level which will be offered

  • Via aps, customers are drawn to your site over those of the competition through the offering of charging as a  service. Customers will find you via a search of EV chargers near me

  • Customers remain at your site longer to allow greater charging time for their vehicles, thereby increasing sales

  • Talent is retained and attracted to your business through the offering of charging as a benefit

  • Your business is perceived as a green business, promoting sustainability within the community, and more

  • By owning an EV charging station, you will attract more engaged visitors to your property and customers you likely never would have, for longer periods of time while enhancing your public image.

World Energy Services installs the best electric vehicle charging brands in the industry and has experience installing EV charging stations throughout our service area. Whether you are interested in car charging parking lots, an electric vehicle charging parking spot, or garage chargers, World Energy Services has the experience and utility relationships to ensure a successful project at the highest incentive level available today.

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Utility Program Locator


Click on the map to see what state and utility incentive programs are available in your area. 

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Once the decision to explore the installation of electric vehicle charging stations at your facility has been made and World Energy Services has been contacted, an Energy Specialist will be assigned to you. This individual will remain with your organization throughout the project layout, proposal development, agreement and signing. Your Energy Specialist will remain your contact through the entire process, engaging other individuals as necessary.


An initial site visit is scheduled to begin discussion regarding the vision for the project and to allow our
Energy Specialist to obtain an overview of your site and provide informational knowledge of available
options for the electric vehicle charging station(s) placement. During the initial visit, access to the
interior of the facility, as well as to the location of the electrical panel, will be necessary.


After the initial meeting, World Energy will work towards securing all available incentives for the facility. Additionally, all initial paperwork will be submitted to state (MA EVIP, Electrify RI and Environmental Justice Community) and utility programs (Eversource Make Ready Program and National Grid Take Charge Program) on your behalf in an effort to secure maximum incentives for the project.


This process could take a couple weeks, as the programs are very popular, and demand is high. Once all parties have responded, a proposal for the project is generated reflecting the highest incentives and grants available for the project. The proposal includes a site plan which designates the agreed upon location of the new station(s).



Upon acceptance of the project evidenced by the signing of the proposal and additional paperwork, all stakeholders are notified. Site visits with the utility, Energy Specialist, Project Manager and Station Installer are performed to familiarize all involved with the details of your project. EV charging infrastructure upgrades are scheduled and performed if applicable, and material is ordered. Based on the utility, the existing infrastructure, and the type of electric vehicle charging station being installed (ground mount station or wall mount station), all trenching and wiring is completed.



Once the EV charging infrastructure is fully in place, the station(s) and supporting materials are delivered and installed. Ancillary items such as parking space painting, line painting and signage are completed, and the software is activated. The station software is programmed with your location’s customized solutions and added to appropriate apps for the public to identify the station’s location and begin use. After the first charge, a session report is generated proving the station is operational and final paperwork is gathered and submitted to all relevant parties.

Upon installation completion and activation, the station is ready for use and your business is now green!


Electric Vehicle Charging Station Services

World Energy Services is a leading installer of commercial electric vehicle charging stations with a long history of utility relationships both with the Eversource Make Ready Program and the National Grid Take Charge Program. Why pay full price for an electric vehicle charging station when there are multiple incentive programs and state grants available such as the MA EVIP and Electrify RI programs? If you are located in an Environmental Justice Community, there are additional incentives available to you. These programs assist businesses, municipalities, and multifamily property owners in offsetting most of the expense of installing electric vehicle charging stations at specified locations.

World Energy Services will provide:

  •  Maximization of state and utility grants and incentives

  •  Technical expertise regarding the technology

  •  Product recommendation and selection

  •  Engineering expertise for any necessary new electrical service

  •  Recommendation of the location of the electric vehicle chargers

  •  Trenching to the new charger location

  •  Electric vehicle charging station hardware

  •  Electric vehicle charging station software including customization and inclusion on electric

  • vehicle location aps

  •  Painting, striping and signage for designation of the new EV parking spot(s)

  •  Submission of all state and utility forms and paperwork for incentives

  •  Project management services

We are a skilled turnkey provider of electric vehicle charging stations throughout our service territory
with expertise in the technical installation of these stations, and have the utility relationships necessary
to ensure the highest -level experience possible.

What to Expect
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