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World Energy Services LLC was established in October 2015 by Rick Galipeau and Mike Santangelo for the purpose of following their passion to positively impact local business’s bottom lines through increasing the utilization of energy efficiency and renewable technologies.  

The roots of the company began five years prior, in 2010, when Rick and Mike formed their first company, Northeast Energy Solutions LLC.  Northeast Energy Solutions focused on the mechanical side of the efficiency industry, primarily in support of the Connecticut region.  Earning a solid reputation in the marketplace, they quickly drew the attention of other companies in the industry.  This led to the company being acquired  in 2011 by World Energy Solutions Inc (XWES), an energy procurement company based in Massachusetts looking to expand their efficiency offering.  It was during these years the efficiency group grew and expanded dramatically.  Four years later, World Energy was purchased by Enernoc Inc, a software company based in Boston.  At that time Rick and Mike took the reins once more, performing a management buyout thereby placing the company back in private hands as World Energy Services LLC.  

Today, World Energy Services has grown to be a leading Energy Services company in the Northeast headquartered in Worcester, Massachusetts with a second location in East Berlin CT. The company operates throughout New England and within over 16 different efficiency, electric vehicle charging station and commercial solar programs. With the addition of their electric vehicle charging station and commercial solar offerings, World Energy Services provides the most comprehensive energy solution packages in the industry.

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