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Click on the map to see what
state and utility incentive programs are available in your area. 

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Click on the map to see the Energy Efficiency, Solar & Electric Vehicle Programs are available in your area. 

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Energy Efficiency

Small Business Program


Program Name:  Customer Directed Option (CDO)

Program Size:  Small Business

Program Description: National Grid’s Customer Direct Option incentive program allows small businesses to perform energy efficiency retrofits at a rate subsidized by the utility.  A wide array of energy saving solutions are available to businesses in Massachusetts and Rhode Island through this program.  Rebates up to 60% of the installed cost and financing is available for businesses who take advantage of this program.



Program Availability: All of Rhode Island 

Program Range: <1.0 MM kWh/yr

Incentives: up to 70%

Financing: 0% financing *if qualified, 12 or 24 months

Energy Efficiency

Large Business Program


Program Name:  Project Expediter (PEX)

Program Size:  Large Business

Program Description:  The National Grid Project Expeditor program is exclusive to certain approved vendors such as World Energy Efficiency Services.  This large business program offers technical assistance and financial incentives of up to 75 percent of incremental costs to large commercial and industrial customers to upgrade their existing outdated technology equipment to newer equipment with higher energy efficiency ratings.  The program provides assistance with technical services, design and installation providing turnkey solutions to large businesses seeking an efficiency upgrade.

Program Availability:  All of Rhode Island 

Program Range: >1.0 MM kWh/yr

Incentives: up to 75%

Financing: Financing available upon request only


Solar Program


Program Name:  Renewable Energy Fund

Program Size:  N/A

Program Description:   Rhode Island’s Renewable Energy Fund (REF) is focused on expanding renewable energy within the state of Rhode Island.  REF provides grants using funding from the system benefit charge on electric bills for renewable energy projects with a goal of expanding the state’s sustainable energy production.

Program Availability:  All of Rhode Island 

Program Range: <60,000 kWh/yr

Incentives: N/A

Financing: CPACE, LEASE, PPA, & ESA

Electric Vehicle

EV CSI Program


Program Name:  EV Charging Station Installer

Program Size:  N/A

Program Description:  The EV Charging Station Installer program assists property owners in facilitating the installation of electric vehicle charging stations. Through the EV Make Ready program, the electrical infrastructure of the EV charging station project is covered up to 100 percent by National Grid and the station hardware is deeply incentivized.

Program Availability:  All of Rhode Island 

Program Range: N/A

Incentives: up to 100% infrastructure

Financing: N/A

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